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Welcome New Followers!

There has been such a crazy influx of followers lately! I wish I was able to greet each and every one of you individually! Thank you so much for choosing to follow!

If this keeps up, I’ll reach a huge follower milestone in no time!! And if that happens, it looks like there might be ANOTHER giveaway before the year is up!! [looks like I better start digging through my personal archives again!]

As a reminder, on the main page you can find links to a TAGS page if you’re looking for something/someone in particular as well as an AFFILIATES page…so please check those out.

As always, my ask is always open if you’d like to say hello or chat! Or anything really.  I love talking with fellow 7 fans! [Well, I love talking to everyone actually…]

I appreciate each and every one of my lovely followers - whether you’re new, been here since the beginning, or somewhere in between.